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By Trent L. Taylor - 7/29/2008 4:07:32 AM
This is the first installment of the StrataFlix sample that shows how to create a real-world application using StrataFrame and .NET.  This sample comes with an MDF that can be attached to your SQL Server as well as source in VB.NET and C#.

Additionally, this sample shows how to create Custom BBS data sources that can be used for reporting, grids, and any other type of 3rd party control that expects the IBindingList implementation as well as how to create a true object model binding source (i.e. parent, child, grandchild, etc.) all being exposed through a single object entry point.  You will find samples of this in the Reporting assembly (i.e. Movie Profile Report).

There will be a full web application as well as even more added to the client (WinForms) side of the application.  However, at present, this sample will show how to create an application MDI environment and how to plumb an entire application.  This is a great sample to really learn how to create applications using SF and will continue to grow.

How To Setup Sample and Requirements

  1. You must be on the most recent version of 1.6.6 beta in order for this sample to work (
  2. Solution is built in VS2008, if you are running VS2005, then you will have to create your own solution and add the projects into that solution manually.  It is recommended to run in VS2008.
  3. Once extracted, attach the MDF to a SQL Server
  4. Open the desired language source
  5. Build the sample
  6. At this point you should be running the sample. 

Note: The BO Mappings are not yet included as this will have to be part of your StrataFrame database and be part of an install for this sample later down the road.  However, this really isn't necessary in order to run, build, and study the sample in depth.

Download now available through the My Account area!

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