rule engine with xml
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By Danny Doobay - 10/26/2012 5:06:05 AM
I am validating current row using the code below.

 Private Sub CustomersBO_CheckRulesOnCurrentRow(ByVal e As MicroFour.StrataFrame.Business.CheckRulesEventArgs)
        If Me.cust_LastName = "" Then
            Me.AddBrokenRule(CustomersBOFieldNames.cust_LastName, "Required field.")
        End If
End Sub

With every client that we have these rules could be changed. Therefore I am trying to created a rule engine that could pull a xml file like one below and build the rules dynamically.
Does anyone have an idea?

  <bo name="CustomersBO" >
      <argument>cust_LastName = ""</argument>
      <errormessage>Required field.</errormessage>
      <argument>cust_FirstName = ""</argument>
      <errormessage>Required field.</errormessage>

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