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Sample Web Application

By Larry Caylor - 1/23/2018

In all these years I never got around to building a web application using StrataFrame however I now have the need to do so. I tried loading up the VB web example in Visual Studio 2017 and ended up with an unworkable solution. Any chance you guys have a sample that will load in VS 2017?
By Edhy Rijo - 1/23/2018

Hi Larry,
Me too only work with WinForm projects in SF so will not be able to help.

If you don't get a response from Ben, try sending him an email.
By Trent L. Taylor - 1/25/2018

Hey Larry:

Let's give this a shot.  This is the standard SF web sample.  But if this doesn't get you the answers that you need let me know and I will create you a new sample to get started.